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Blake (Knobs&Tassels) – A piece about creatives

An artist is a unique member of the rest of society as they have a vision of life that is more accentuated than others. Within the world there exist many different kinds of artists, some have great depth of vision but when it comes to portraying or communicating it through their chosen medium they lack the ability to transfer it. These artists are sadly destined to live much of their existence as anomalies to the world they live as outcasts and loners or they are labelled as coots. Then there exists the survivor artist who produces work they feel will appeal to the public eye. They focus on moving units and making money. This can work well in one’s favour if they have a good idea of the public’s taste but contrastingly, it can take a turn for the worse as members of the public puzzle over translation and quickly dismiss what they deem as not being true art.

People have a fear of not being understood and of being labelled ignorant, so in true to human-style they quickly dish out labels of ignorance to those they don’t understand. Here is one of the defining traits of an artist: they have the gumption to put their thought and feeling out there through their chosen medium, despite their labelling species being ever present.

Then there are those artists who are trail-blazers, pushing the limits and breaking the rules, allowing their passion to have free reign. These are the artists who will leave a mark one way or another, maybe they will never be understood or perhaps they will have to die before they attain immortality. Sadly, the rarest of all the scenarios is that their ideas might be embraced during their lifetime. An artist is a person who would rather live a life true to their being than conform to the boundaries set up by their fellow man. They choose a life of purpose, a life dedicated to something bigger, that only they may see at present. They do not go quietly into the night but rather storm onward!

Do not try and hinder an artist or talk a worldly view of sense into his reasoning for like a mustang he will always long to gallop free, like an eagle he must soar, higher and higher, until he can see no more. Your good intentions are they as it may, will not bring him any joy. He takes pleasure in his freedom, his label.

Let an artist express. Give them access to their medium. Do not force them to conform. Artists are a dying breed being hunted to extinction. Artists are what we need in these tumultuous days. Within the artist’s expression lies many an answer to many a question. All one has to do is listen and look, is it really that hard?

Pay attention just once, settle down, sit still and comprehend the solution to many a problem. Listen to knowledge and in turn, you will speak wisdom.

We all have the ability to be artists. Throw off your shackles, breathe deep, live healthily and join the movement for true freedom.


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