Word of Mouth

I was asked to introduce myself at work. I am a writer so naturally I would use words. 

Why not use the mouth, that which communicates our words and record it? This cuts out the person, reducing them to just a voice. Forcing you to pay attention to a part of them we might not normally watch as closely. It is interesting to watch people’s micro expressions. We are normally dependent on the eyes for clarity when it comes to emotion and expression. And so the idea for this page was born.

The name of the page is the idea of Camilla Grobler, an incredible art director. Great ideas come from everyone, art from copywriters and copy from art directors, from the man walking past you on the street.

*Thank you Cam, Chane and the rest of our amazing team. I learn so much from all of you every day. Lastly thank you to Seb S and Alex C, you both know why and of course my dad, older brother and my younger twin.