Taryn Cantor – The Team at Sew Sara

 How do you meet the women you work with? I meet the women…

June 19, 2017 standard

Amanda – Darg

Amanda, how long have you been working at Darg? Just over two years….

February 4, 2016 standard
Bricks and Sticks

Sandy L

Butterfly World.

November 30, 2015 standard
Pens and Pencils

Janko De Beer – Artist

website Facebook

September 17, 2015 standard
Bricks and Sticks

Bianca Jossel – Home

A place I call home.

July 27, 2015 standard
Bricks and Sticks

Stephen Rae – Artist

What was the name of your last exhibition? I’m honoured to talk to…

June 2, 2015 standard
Attachment Theory

Cherize – The K Word

Tell me a story behind something that you are wearing? I am wearing…

April 20, 2015 standard