Yvonne and Dr Greef – On relationships

Dr Greef – We live in Betty’s Bay. I came through for a weekend medical conference. We are just enjoying the sites now.

Yvonne – I have come to shop until I drop.

What kind of medical conference?
Dr Greef – This is a conference for family practitioners. That is the modern term for the old GP, the general practitioner.

How long have you guys been together? 
Yvonne – 40 years.

How did you meet?
Dr Greef – Ah.
Yvonne – Not your story! His story is that he opened his wallet and there I was.

What’s the real story?
Yvonne – We met through mutual friends.

What is the secret to a relationship that is going strong after 40 years?
Yvonne – It’s in the mind.
Dr Greef – You have to be prepared to realize that nothing is always good, life is a series of ups and downs. If you want the ups you must accept the downs.
Yvonne – Nothing is perfect.
Dr Greef –  Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.



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