Pens and Pencils

A page for artists/animators to share their work.

I have mentioned many times how much I love being around and meeting creative and passionate people. I am interested in their work and of course the story behind their work.

Something I think it is important that I mention –

I am not judge or jury when it comes to answering questions like “What is art” and “What is talent”. I feel that anyone who breaks off a piece of their soul and puts it on paper using words/paint/camera… to create any shape or form has my respect.

It is hard as a creative, hard to put ourselves out there without judgement, hard to be rejected. We battle with questions like “When do we have the right to call ourselves a writer/painter/photographer…”

This page is here to build the creative soul and not to destroy it. If we love doing something and we keep doing it, we will get better and better at it.

Enjoy and appreciate this page for what it is.


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