Jose – Run Jose

Your story is well known, tell me what you were thinking when you were running?
The time I was running I was thinking I am in peace, I see a new world. I must leave the bad place I was in behind me. I see a new and beautiful world. This is why we must be together every time when you are meeting someone you must think they are your brother, sister…family.

I know I was doing the bad things when I was in the war, but it was not for me. The bad people were sending us to do.

The time I got the dream it told me to go and see a new life. That is why I am here now.

Tell me more about the dream?
The dream was that if I stayed there the bad people were supposed to kill me. God said that if I stayed there he would forget me is why I had to go. This is why I tell you we must all be together.

Jose’s story

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