Larry Soffer – Mentalist, Illusionist and Magician

Okay Larry, when your name is added up using numerology it means magician….

February 23, 2015 standard
A Thousand Words

Julia Kaplan – A piece called Sweet Breeze

Earlier in the day, the branches had swayed manically like a strobe light…

February 19, 2015 standard

Alan – Learn how to change a tire

How long have you been in the car industry? I have been in…

February 19, 2015 standard

Steve the artist by Jo-Anne Knoetze

It takes Steve two to four days to complete his artwork. He sells…

February 18, 2015 standard
Pens and Pencils

Mandi Sagorin – Artist


February 17, 2015 standard

Luciana- I am a hawker, a street vendor

What is your business called and what is it that you do? It…

February 16, 2015 standard

Derek Watts – Carte Blanche

Freedom of the press is a key element of democracy, it seems as…

February 4, 2015 standard
A Thousand Words

Marius – Writer

You are a writer. Let us talk about the process from writing for…

February 2, 2015 standard

Gregory – The Salvation Army

You were telling me that the Salvation Army has helped you get on…

February 1, 2015 standard