Bricks and Sticks

Mwamawasa on political art

Mwamawasa, where are you from? I am from Zambia from a place called…

September 12, 2017 standard

Anisha Patel on green living

You have an eco-friendly salon, Midori. Wait, sorry let’s start with you. You suffered…

August 1, 2017 standard

Sebastian – NoSweat and the freelance world

Sebastian, hello. Tell us about yourself? I’m born and raised in The Netherlands….

July 14, 2017 standard

Roeshdien Jaz – Learning & Development Specialist and Coach / Singer and Songwriter / Inspirational Speaker

Hello there Roeshdien before we chat music tell us about yourself? Firstly, thank…

July 4, 2017 standard

3 years 

June 23, 2017 standard

Taryn Cantor – The Team at Sew Sara

 How do you meet the women you work with?   I meet the…

June 19, 2017 standard

Taryn Cantor – Sew Sara

Taryn Cantor who are you? 5 words and go…  Just five? How about…

June 15, 2017 standard

Hopping back to 2014- Jeandre Marinier 

“I give art lessons for peanuts, but it makes me happy.”

May 25, 2017 standard

Michelle – Lessons in business

You started working for a company who made you promises during your interview…

May 22, 2017 standard