Belson – CEO at 24

Hello there.
Hi, sandy.

Just being a formal professional or attempting such things. Let’s kick off.
My name is Belson, I am launching an app called Promoza, it came about last year. I was sitting in the car with my friends listening to the radio. I heard something about Google making a large sum of money annually. We started talking about how Google can make so much money and how they help the world so much.

I wondered how I could do something similar, helping the community, helping the world, just reaching out to people and making their lives simpler. Never mind the money, yes, we do need the money to live off but I want to help make everyone’s lives simpler. I want to make everyday life for consumers easier.

My friend Sandile and I are working together, I have always believed in achieving but never alone, we should bring in those around us so that we can achieve and grow together. I hope Promoza is able to grow and hire a lot of people.

You said that when you started at the beginning of this process you wanted to make peoples lives easier, did you always want to be in the consumer space? 
I grew up in a very loving and caring family, we care for everyone around us. I knew I wanted to help, that was my starting point. I am a thinker, I think a lot… I started thinking about the things that I like, clothing and shoes. I can never seem to get the right shoes at the right time or at the right price and that’s how we came to be where we are. I wanted an app which would bring all products which the consumer actually wants and needs into one space.

There is nothing wrong with creating some healthy competition, this can only benefit us as consumers.
Especially in an economy where everything is just rising and rising. We are planning on growing.

Kick off and then get growing, we need to keep moving forward. An amazing thing to already be thinking of your next step. So, you are in your early 20ies…I wish I knew what I was up to in my early 20ies.
I am 24, I can tell you this, it has not been an easy journey for me. I have grown up in a family of business. I studied a BBA at Midrand, it’s now called Pearson Institute of Higher Education. I have always know business and always told myself that one day I would be a businessman. I have been working at the family business for over a year and a half now. When I was little I wanted to be a fireman. 

Why does every little boy want to be a fireman? I guess I wanted to be a ballerina
It was in grade 10 that I fell in love with business. I always have ideas and am constantly trying to generate new ideas. I could say that I have some qualities that a businessman should have, I am growing and learning.





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