Sandile – We’ve always been fascinated with changing the world

I previously interviewed your business partner Belson, who has taken up the role of CEO of your company Promoza, now let’s talk about you.

I grew up, well I don’t want to say the dusty streets of Soweto, but yes, Soweto. Belson and I met in Grade 2, we have been friends ever since. We’ve always been fascinated with changing the world. He did a BCom after school and I am studying aviation. I am from a family of 5, my parents, older brother and sister, I am the last born.

Belson and I were talking about Google and how they make their money…

Yes, Belson mentioned that was your starting point.  
So, as things change and move forward we wanted to create something that is fun and innovative and makes people’s lives easier. We, as young people, this is also what we know and have grown up with.

So, best friend Belson stressed the importance of social and community upliftment for you both, which really gets my attention.
Yes, we have seen a lot of people struggling, we just want to make a difference. We need to make money, Promoza is our business, but it’s more than just about money.

Starting your own business…
I’m not going to lie, it has been hard, I have been off school for awhile to get it up and running, I will go back in about 2 months. Thank you to Dawpro, they helped us with a lot of things we didn’t know, they schooled us, so honestly, we have to thank them. As well as Beatroot Pineapple, they are a digital marketing agency, thanks, guys! A lot of stuff we dived head first into and just started swimming, we were lucky to have the help of really amazing people.






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