Attachment Theory

Two minutes with Lukhanyo Mdingi by Lee Lebotsa, photography by Simon Deiner

This young designer showed us exactly what he is made of at South African Menswear week (spring/summer).  We had a fun chat with him hours before his show and got to see his latest collection ‘Taintless’. 

What inspired your collection?
Well, it’s pretty much based on oriental aesthetics. I wanted to use this theme to blur the lines between menswear and womenswear by creating a collection that is pretty much unisex. A collection that is for everyone instead of a distinct gender.

You are quite well-known for creating unisex collections?
Yeah. My previous collection, which was my first collection as a launch to being recognized as a proper fashion designer in the fashion world and a business, was my Macramé collection. I pretty much-gauged responses from the sales, who was buying and listened to the feedback I was receiving. Who was really interested in the collection, and it ended up being a lot of females. I never wanted to move away from menswear because I really truly believe in empowering it. But I just wanted to use this opportunity to do a mash-up of both worlds (menswear and womenswear).

What is the name of the new collection?

How did you come up with the name?
It was pretty much based on purity. I don’t want to, like I said previously about my first collection, pertain myself to one particular gender. But just humans.

Describe the collection in three words?
Oriental. Male. Female.

Beautiful. Thank you!

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