Bianca – The Secret Love Project

What are you up to?
I am handing out stickers for The Secret Love Project to homeless people. The Secret Love Project is a campaign to spread love in the world. We are raising money, with that money we are giving people who are on the streets and need some help, beautiful heart stickers. We give them the stickers so that they can make some money, they are able to put a meal inside of their bellies. We are also raising money for rain-suits, Cape Town winter is absolutely freezing. We want to get some rain-suits and some warm winter clothing and hand it out at Bread for life in Kloof street.

This isn’t the first year this campaign is running, how and when did it start?
It was an idea started by the artist Michael Elion, last year. Last year we managed to raise enough money to give hundreds of rain-suits to the homeless.


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