Stevie living in Cape Town

I just got back from doing six months in the states, it was sort of a stepping stone going from a kid to being an adult. As I got back 2 months ago adult life hit, things started happening, everything changed.

My mom has had bone cancer for a year now. This is the second time she has had cancer. She is paraplegic because of nerve damage to her spine.

She is a fucking champion.

I started a fund for her online, I have already raised a thousand dollars in four days, I am chuffed.

What is it called?
Go fund me. A friend of mine told me about it. Money comes from friends, strangers… anybody.

My mom was the most active person. She has lost her hair and her ability to walk. This has changed her, changed me, changed my family. It has changed us all, it has given us more humility and character.

Tell me something your mom has instilled in you?
We should never ask why we should just make the best of what we are given as this builds character. Everything builds character.

Help Stevie’s mom – Go fund me

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