Ringo and Matt from Cape Town

I walked past these two laughing uncontrollably. I carried on walking, but curiosity pulled me back.

When I approached you guys were laughing, do share?

What we were doing, it’s unique and personal… you see the thing is, we have been best friends for so long… we observe people. You see someone doing something whole heartily. Basically, it’s all about being all about something.

How long have you been friends?
Matt – Two weeks.
Ringo – Nonsense, 6 or 7 years give or take.

What keeps friendships strong?
Matt – Laughter.
Ringo – I also need a turn. Can I have a turn?

Looking at the same thing and having absolutely the same perception about it.

So being cut from the same sheet of cloth?
It’s taking shade in the same shadow. Washing with the same soap. Get me. But seriously it’s about respect.

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