Bricks and Sticks

Stephen Rae – Artist

What was the name of your last exhibition?
I’m honoured to talk to you. My exhibition was called “New Works, introducing Epigenetics Series”. I do a new exhibition every month at 104 Bree Street coinciding with First Thursdays, the art walk. Everyone is welcome.

Your last exhibition wasn’t just interesting and out there it was also brave and unique. What was it about and what were you trying to say?
Thanks for these strong words, I believe we’re all unique masterpieces-in-progress with every step of goodness and peace and joy, and the Epigenetics Series is about how ways and behaviours are passed down in family lines and the choice we have to honour the positive and turn-off the negative ways, so that the characteristics we pass down to the next generation help them to go yet higher than us and have a more abundant life.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?
I find it interesting that we can feel within us a sense of goodness and peace and joy all at the same time, and I am committed to following this direction. I see goodness + peace + joy = light of soul = confidence = a feeling of love = a feeling of victory = a feeling of freedom = a feeling of abundant life.

Thank you, Stephen.

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