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Slater – I am a fashion designer

Slater, please tell me a story behind something you are wearing?
So my outfit consists of a suede jacket and suede pants. I had it in my cupboard at home, thinking it is very vintage – so I would up-cycle it and make it look more modern. My top I made myself.

So you are a designer?
I am a fashion designer, I am studying my second year at Cape Town College of Fashion Design. I am loving everything I am doing, I am very passionate. This fabric that I made my top from is actually very cheap, I think it was like R10 a metre.

Shhhh, just joking. Transparency is amazing.
It’s such a nice fabric that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I also made pants, I didn’t want to wear them today.

Where are you in the next 5 years in the fashion world?
In two years, I hope to still be studying. I want to finish my diploma in fashion design and move onto make-up and costume make-up and then study shoe design and bag design – so that I can do a full on collection from head to toe. In 5 years, I am hoping to be done studying and finally open up my own boutique.

We have met at the Bokeh Internationally Fashion Film Festival, what do you think of Bokeh 2016?
Bokeh has been amazing. I am hoping to show on the runway next year. They had the runway with all the up and coming designers. That is my goal for next year. Bokeh is a very good platform for creative people – with the combination of fashion and film. It has been incredible.

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