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Pam, we have spoken with you before!  From then to now, catch us up?
Wow, so much has happened! Second Chances is now a registered non-profit organization, we have helped dozens of people, and continue to do so. We have also partnered up with some incredible organizations, as to better help people. Last month we set up a new job creation project called Twice as New. We are bombarded daily with people asking us to help them find jobs, unfortunately there just aren’t enough jobs out there, so we have to find creative ways of creating some.

Are you enjoying your work?
Love i.  It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but equally rewarding. I even embrace the sleep deprivation, the only thing I don’t enjoy is begging for money, but unfortunately, without it, we can’t operate.

Your mailbox is always flooded with people looking for help, how do you handle this?
I have thousands of e-mails, as much as I want to help everyone, I can’t. That’s been the hardest part of the journey. We are looking to partner with recruitment agencies, that way we would be able to place a lot more people. We are starting job creation projects as I mentioned. Of course, there are some people we have to turn away.

You are looking for sponsors, how can companies/ individuals help?
Second Chances wants to keep assisting those in need, creating opportunities and bringing projects to life –  this involves running costs. Setting up a monthly donation makes a huge difference to so many lives, and allows us to continue growing and helping. People can also join us at events such as Spread the Bread, as well as donate to the various causes we have.

Tell us your favourite success story to date?

 Ah, don’t ask me that, I love every person’s story, regardless if they were successful or not. I guess if I had to narrow it down I would have to pick Rosinah. Rosinah e-mailed us asking for work-appropriate clothing to wear to work. She was told, in a previous interview, that she didn’t look the part. She was devastated, but she just could not afford to buy clothes and had worn her best. We assisted with clothing and also sent her CV out. Rosinah is now the receptionist at Sepaku Cement.

What stands out for me, is what happened after we helped…. once Rosinah was earning money, she took in a young boy who had no family. She fed him every day. After she was made permanent at the company she could afford a better place to stay. She moved out of her shack and into an apartment. Rather than giving up the shack, she continued to pay the rent so that the boy could have somewhere to live. I am proud to say that Rosinah is now my friend.

You have launched a new website?
Yes, I feel like it’s my new baby, I’m a proud mom. Dave Blakey and Stacey Wolpert from Snapt very generously donated and helped turn my dream into reality. The new site gives a visitor the complete picture of what we do, who we are, and how to get involved.

Please go visit our new site!

 Thank you and best of luck Pam. 





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