Sebastian – NoSweat and the freelance world

Sebastian, hello. Tell us about yourself?
I’m born and raised in The Netherlands. My first job was as an art director at the No.1 creative awarded advertising agency at the time in Amsterdam. That was the ideal gap to get to know all the right things in the advertising industry. The only way to learn properly in those days was to start at a good address. I had that luck. After 5 years of learning, I went freelance internationally and haven’t looked back.

You are a veteran in the advertising world “I only did art direction, no more, no less”…
Correct, I only worked as a freelance art director with copywriters in the industry called, art and copy teams. I’m not a good multitasker. I can only do one job at a time. It was just a copywriter and myself. With copywriters that worked permanently at the advertising agencies who hired me or I worked with other freelance copywriters.

You were previously a part of Van Hoff and Associates, what kind of stuff were you guys doing?
Above-the-line advertising. That is TV commercials, radio, newspaper, magazine and billboards advertising. We did concepts for pitches or work on existing campaigns for advertising agencies in the in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The execution the agencies did themselves.

You have started up a new business called NoSweat…
Yes, co-founded with Wilfred Greyling on 1 September 2015. But we worked on the business plan two years before that.

Who specifically does NoSweat cater for?
Advertising, marketing and media agencies. Film production and post-production houses. Design studios and digital shops. So far. We have some requests from corporate companies. We are also starting with IT and Software Development companies.

Are South Africans more inclined to want to freelance nowadays?
Seems like it. Some of them not by choice. The corporate world is not like the old days anymore. Retrenchments have forced some to freelance.

Is the good old 9-5 going to be something of the past soon?
It is already more flexible but the main business I guess still will be done during the business hours.

What sets NoSweat apart?
NoSweat is an online freelancer platform where clients post jobs, shortlist candidates and award jobs to freelancers or permanent jobs. NoSweat handles all the admin for the freelancers. We make sure that we have a PO’s from clients before anyone starts the work. And NoSweat issues PO’s for the freelancers. Freelancers don’t need to sign anything or have to do any paperwork including the TAX.

You pay freelances 2 days after completed work, this is rather revolutionary in the freelance world, I speak from experience…
Yes, provided the work is done and timesheets completed and the client is 100% happy.

How does one get in on the action?
You can sign up for free online and apply for jobs.

Is the sign-up process time-consuming?
Some people it takes a few minutes and others have questions. We just need to know the basic and legal requirements any employer also needs to know to do business. Like a copy of your ID or passport is a SARS requirement. We need your bank account to pay you. We have a secure website.

If people are struggling do you offer help to sign up?
Yes, we have the online chat line or you just call Wilfred or me. Or drop us a mail and we’ll contact you.

Anything else to add?
We noticed that a good web presence is crucial to be hired by clients. A complete LinkedIn profile and for instance a Behance.net or any other portfolio website where you show your work done for clients to view. Clients need to know that you can do the job you applied for.

A complaint we hear often that the jobs posted are mostly on-site. That is true. That is what clients request. Once a freelancer has started it often becomes remote work after the relationship and trust have been established. But the more we become known as a business we hope that we also gain trust and that clients might post more remote jobs.

Thank you!

Thank you, Sandy.

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