Anisha Patel on green living

You have an eco-friendly salon, Midori. Wait, sorry let’s start with you. You suffered from, sorry I don’t like that word, you overcame cancer. Can we start there?
Yes sure, I had cancer about 13 years ago. Had the cyst removed but refused to have chemo and radiation. That is when I started investigating and doing more research on natural treatments, which is what we offer at Midori. We are the only existing eco-friendly organic salon in the southern hemisphere. So, we have been very successful with most of our treatments, we do about 40 treatments. We are a one-stop shop. The effects of our V bar (vaginal steaming) are not just relaxing, it also have a healing component to it as well, you will feel like you have healed on the inside as well as the outside.

When you had cancer did you also go in search of different ways of eating… how did your life change?
It is a realisation that you have to do something to start healing on the inside. when I did some research I had to change my entire lifestyle, it was from clothing, from wearing natural fibres. To eating habits and even my beauty services, they had to be organic because your skin is the largest organ, it does absorb. So, we don’t use products that have parabens,  formaldehyde, sulphate. There are a few soft green products as well. It is just a matter of being clean and green. I was interviewed on 702 on this topic as well. People are now realising because wellness is now. I would say almost in fashion, people are going back to their roots and back to natural healing and wellness – that is what we are all about.

You also give talks?
Yeah, I have written a few articles for green magazines, health magazines… a feature for Elements which is a green magazine. We have been on covers of magazines trying to promote the V-bar and promote healthier living, being more conscious of the green environment as well.

Let’s talk more about you?
I am now in my 50ies, taking care of the body at a younger age is very important and being aware of what you are putting in the body and what you are eating, whatever you come across, whatever aspect of your life is touched by something organic. A lot of people claim that their food is organic but if you don’t see it grow and you haven’t plucked it yourself, it is not organic. It is an expensive venture but if you stick to your basic clean eating habits and dietary supplements and that sort of thing we have found that the results are better. You do see the results immediately almost within a month. I have helped heal cancer patients as well, I am in the process of helping lots of cancer patients.

When someone comes to you and tells you that they have cancer what is the first step and where to after that first step?
First I consult, each person is different, they react differently, they respond differently to different herbs. I then look at your blood type, see what is not functioning properly and we take it from there. You know it depends on each individual. Each person is different in how they are affected by cancer.

So, there is no hard and fast rule in terms of how not to eat like cutting out sugar or gluten for example?
According to your blood type, there are certain foods that might not agree with you but might agree with someone else. We have to look into that, give you a specific diet and guide you into a specific lifestyle.

The body and the mind need to be aligned…
Your entire lifestyle choices, you have to literally change your lifestyle because we are bombarded every day with toxic materials. Even furniture… being a designer. Well, I also design organic homes, kitted out organic salons… that sort of thing. It starts mentally, you have to be strong and you have to decide if you are going to let cancer beat you or if you are going to fight. Most women do fight cancer with a tenacity, it is your body… you have to take care of it. So, we do start with the mental approach. You have to be strong mentally, we also teach you how to respond to certain things. Be more aware of how the body responds to certain chemicals and certain products. A strong mind and strong body… most women I consult with want to live a healthier lifestyle. I am not organic 24/7, you can start an organic lifestyle, and go back and choose what works for you, you can still make healthier choices.

Watching how our bodies react… if you listen to your body you will be able to see what it does and doesn’t want…
That is very true, 100% and this is why our results are phenomenal, fertility all the way down to ageing. As we get older it is much more difficult to reverse the effects. But to live a more comfortable, pain-free lifestyle. You have a choice.

I see a lack of empathy for people struggling to overcome illness, is it a matter of telling the people around us to pick up a book and educate themselves as to what someone around them is going through?
Education and empathy.

13 years ago when you had cancer you chose not to undergo chemo or radiation. 13 years ago opting out of treatment was unheard of, it must have shocked not only your doctor but also those around you?
Medicine has a place, we misuse it, we neglect areas that can be cured naturally and we tend to need a quick fix. Most of us are shocked, the first response is a shock. Healing is a slow process in the sense that it takes months, mine was 6 months which is fairly quick compared to modern medicine. But I wouldn’t dare touch radiation and chemo because they do kill the good cells as well as the bad cells and to build those good cells again especially at an older age is difficult. healthy living is an expensive venture, this is where we are trying to get governments involved to promote more organic farming and healthier options. I think in the last 5/6 years beauty salons and lots of retails services have gone green. We are more conscious of it, the more you make a noise about something the more people hear about it.



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