Sandy L – Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End

The twin is going to love that one considering where it comes from, although initially and remaining a philosophical question, and it really happened suddenly. I have been thinking a lot about my site as I normally do but normally these are questions of where to go, although stories seem to find me, right place right time kind of stuff and an overwhelming sense of curiosity about people and the world around me. 

I have over the last few weeks not been thinking where to but rather what’s next. 
What’s next is a question that demands a blank page. It surprised me as well, I love this site, as I have said for over two and a half years, the site is a baby I didn’t know what colour hair it would have, how tall or short it would be. Well it seems my baby grew up without telling me.
I don’t want to say it’s the end because I could wake up in a week and carry on or leave it exactly as it is…
 I am grateful to have met such incredible people who have been kind enough to share their stories.
I really believe In the power of words. Conversations are the starting point of all positive change. 

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