Roxane Hayward – Some birthday wisdom 

This isn’t something I necessarily learned on this particular birthday, but something I have known for a long time – my whole life in fact. The months leading up to my birthday really highlighted one simple fact for me, which was all brought together in one beautiful, special weekend – the weekend of the 7th of May 2017.

More than fortune, more than fame, more than the clothes you wear or the moments you experience, more than the air you breathe, the laughs, the delicious food you taste, more than the songs you hear – it’s the people in your life who are most important. Everything gets lost and becomes a distant memory without special people to share these things with. Just like you invest in your business and your career, invest in each and every single person you have in your life. They mean more, they are more as. Without these relationships, these people to cherish, everything is empty. So, invest in your relationships with your family and your friends. They bring the most value to your life and highlight special times. Let them remind you of your past and help you build your future.
Happy birthday (for the 7th) you beautiful human. 


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