Raeven – I am a musician

I was getting out of my car when my I heard the most beautiful music coming from across the road on the Sea Point promenade.

Raeven, what are you up to?
Well, I am a musician from Johannesburg, I grew up there. I have been in Cape Town for just over a year. I master in guitar, so I am predominately a guitarist. But I have always had this affinity for the saxophone. It is always a bit difficult to play at home as everything is so close together, so one day I just took to the beach in Sea Point. I tried to go as far away from people as possible, just to kind of get my awkward notes out. I started doing it every other day. Eventually, I moved away from the beach and started moving towards the promenade, towards people. As an artist and I think any creative will understand and relate when I say that all types of creatives are critical of themselves. That is one thing that has plagued me. So it was a big surprise when people were not only, not throwing rotten fruit at me but have been receptive as well as grateful. I also have people asking me to come to play for them out on the promenade. It is one of my dreams to play sax. I do other stuff for work, most people who have a passion for the arts have to do other things. I just enjoy playing, especially around sunset, it is probably one of the most profound experiences. I mean the view by itself is beautiful enough but adding music to it as well, being expressive with that is quite a transcendental experience.


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