Martin Evans – Comedian


What makes life worth living?

(Shaking and then nodding his head, he puts some thought into this one)      

Everyone has their own answer to that.

I know I want your thoughts.                                                                                                                            

Everyone is on their own journey.

Anything to add to that, in maybe 3 words?  

It can’t be answered in 3 words, it’s a big question. For some people, it’s religion for some people its love.

For you in 3 words?
I don’t know, there are my 3 words. I will find out.

What are you busy with now?
Like in life?

Yes, that was a very open question.
I am busy with a transformation. I am trying to change everything in my life to positives.

How do you know when you meet someone worth knowing?
(A stranger with a good eye for fashion who happens to be listening tells me it’s a good question, I thank her)

You don’t, you only know once they are gone. Trust your judgement and intuition. Life is too short to deal with assholes. More questions?

How about a random one? 1st word to pop into your head?

2nd word?
Big boobs.

Game over. 

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