Martin Evans living in Bo Kaap


What makes life worth living?

(Shaking and then nodding his head, he puts some thought into this one)      

 Everyone has their own answer to that.

I know I want your thoughts.                                                                                                                            

Everyone is on their own journey.

Anything to add to that, in maybe 3 words?  

It can’t be answered in 3 words it’s a big question. For some people it’s religion for some people it’s love.

For you in 3 words?
I don’t know- there is my 3 words. I will find out.

What are you busy with now?
Like in life?

Yes that was a very open question.
I am busy with a transformation. I am trying to change everything in my life to positives.

How do you know when you meet someone worth knowing?
(A stranger with a good eye for fashion who happens to be listening tells me it’s a good question, I thank her)

You don’t, you only know once they are gone. Trust your judgement and intuition. Life is too short to deal with Assholes. More questions?

How about a random one? 1st word to pop into your head?

2nd word?
Big boobs.

Game over. 

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