Cheslynn from Southfield, Plumstead

What drives you?
I’m an everyday person. People drive me. I want to see people happy. I want to make people’s day. For me to see people smiling, laughing and leaving the store happy is important to me. Some people drag themselves out of bed I am happy for the day, I spread this happiness throughout the day.

What do you feel is the most ignored yet important message children should be taught?
There is a difference between kids of today and kids of my generation. I am almost 40.

No way!!
Yes yes, people put materialistic things before things that mean much more than that. When we were younger we were taught to respect things and people. Not take stuff for granted. The difference today is that kids are the heads of the family they control their parents. Parents should put their feet down. God is missing from their lives. We had God in school. We talked about God at home. Now it’s computers this and TV games that.

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