Marc from Johannesburg living in Cape Town

Mark is 23.
In this life, I have learned so little, for I lacked the wisdom to understand knowledge. In this and all things, my struggle has come with identity. My past is what is my subconscious and my present and future being my conscious mind. All things, therefore, is relative, my maturity has come through bitter means and my sense of self still so far from being fully realized. I barely know who I am, but I know it is easy to be evil and the greatest of all tests to be good. The only problem is one must know and experience both to truly know the difference. Many can’t step back from the path of vicious hedonism and selfishness that evil takes one on. So seductive and quiet is the voice of deep yet small and humble the voice of truth. The one thing that keeps me humble is by consistently being vulnerable and honest for I have come to a nice truth, I have anything and everything to learn anytime, anywhere.

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