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Hi there Mark. Cortac and SA Special Forces Association have teamed up to help the needy over this time. Tell us more?

The COVID-19 national disaster and lockdown have seen thousands of homeless people taken into shelters. The need for food, bedding and clothing has skyrocketed. It was a call for donations from one of these shelters that gave me the idea…

Cortac and The South African Special Forces Association have a good relationship, so we called on them to assist us. We arranged a permit to collect donations from residents and put the call out on street WhatsApp groups and social media.

What areas are you operating in?
So far we have collected donations from residents in Parkhurst, Parktown North, Linden, Houghton, Craighall Park, Robin Hills, Boskruin and Eagle Canyon.

What are you collecting?
Cutlery/crockery, bedding/towels, clothing, shoes, toiletries, groceries and cleaning materials.

Are people donating?
The response has been overwhelming, and residents have been incredibly generous! We are collecting bakkie load after load of donations, day after day.

You have chosen to direct all collections to ‘Let’s Work in Roosevelt Park’ who will then distribute the goods to the City shelter in Windsor and various other NPOs. Why this NGO in particular?
Felicity offered to take in all the donations, sort them and distribute to various shelters based on their specific needs. She turned her spare room and garage into a storage area and is working long hours managing and distributing the donations.

Please tell us a bit about what they do?
Let’s Work was started by Felicity Lawlor and do incredible work. They provide employment opportunities to previously homeless and unemployed through various projects sponsored by residents.

Mark, you have previously said “Every individual, family, and company must use the opportunities they have to support one another and make this world a better place. We at Cortac are lucky enough to be in business and want to do something good for others.” What social initiatives were you guys a part of before COVID-19?
Cortac’s Canine Unit has initiated a number of pet food donation drives to animals shelters in the past. We are also currently delivering donations directly to GodFirst church in Parktown North, who are running a 10-bed shelter during lockdown.

Want to help?
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Message Cortac for more details.

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