Alon Skuy – Award-winning Photojournalist

Alon, you are on the ground every day bearing witness to history in the making. What’s going on out there?
It’s surreal and disconcerting to see the dire consequences that the threat of the virus poses, and the negative societal and economic ecosystem created because of this.

We all heard the governments plans to help the less fortunate. From what you are seeing are these plans being put into action?
I have seen many individuals and organizations putting plans into action by trying to assist people that have been compromised due to the lockdown, although it feels that the desperation will increase in the next couple of weeks.

Have you been to any of the homeless shelters? Please share what’s going on there?
Yes, I have visited a number of homeless shelters, there is one that seems to be run well, next to Constitution Hill, in Johannesburg. There are still quite a lot of homeless people on the street, though.

Journalists and photographers are a part of this country’s unsung heroes. People forget that you guys are putting yourselves at risk. Why do you get up every day and leave the safety of your home?
To try and communicate the situation that South Africans are facing in an empathetic way.

We see the best and worst of people in times of uncertainty. I’m sure you have seen both? Please share.
There has been a wonderful sense of unity and giving. Conversely, there can be stigmatization of the unknown.

On the same line of thinking, what would you tell people about how to treat each other in this time?
With care and patience.

Thank you so much, Alon. 

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