Lumka – Appreciate people in your life

Are you feeling the buzz of Christmas in Cape Town this year?
I am feeling the festive buzz, not, in particular, a Christmas buzz. I am not a Christmas person, I am more of an Easter person, I love Easter.

Is there anything in particular on your mind as we move towards the end of the year, how are feeling?
A huge sense of appreciation, a lot of gratitude. I think once you have that everything just makes a lot of sense. Especially with Christmas, people are rushing to buy a lot of things, It is just material. What is most important is that you appreciate people in your life. It is all about the moments, it is about now.

Tell me more about yourself?
I appreciate the arts, I am not an artist. I love creatives in Cape Town. There is a lot happening right now, which I want to be a part of. Whether you have a great voice or you are about fashion, whatever you are doing. I am all about young, black and gifted. I am all for not doing the norm, anything that is not the norm for me is amazing.

What shape or form do you offer your help, you did mention you are with Assembly Radio, are you interviewing the creatives you meet along the way?
I interview musicians. I meet new artists. I meet people like yourself. People that are not doing your normal things. I want to get to know what you are all about. My thing is this, whether you are from Khayelitsha, from Camps Bay, or from Constantia we have something in common and that is the arts. We all have an appreciation for something and my role is to simplify it and provide a platform.


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