Liet from Libya – Libya is like a garden without flowers

I have an interesting story. What story do you want to hear?

Is there a story, in particular, you want to share?
I am confused, as to where to start. The story is about my family, me and my mom. She has helped me a lot. She wants me to become a pilot. But I am not interested in studying it. Me, I want to become a doctor. My girlfriend is a doctor. I’m going to marry her soon. I don’t know which side I will follow. Can you tell me?

What feels right for you? Are you interested In working with and helping people?
What does that mean?

If someone is hurting do you want to help them?
One hundred percent

What did you study?
Now I’m still learning English.

How old are you?
24. I am moving to Heidelberg to study to be a pilot. My mom wants this. My mom says I am not her son if I don’t study to be a pilot. My government will pay for either. All my friends tell me to follow my mom, what she says.

What is life like in Libya now?
It is not safe there. There is no petrol, no electric, no bread. Shops close and they fight each other. Libya is like a garden without flowers.



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