Chris – I’m on a voyage of self-discovery

I don’t know where to start. It’s a very interesting time in my life now. So much change. Externally, internally I guess I am finding direction. Human contact is very important, this is something I have learned. It is critical no matter what type of person you are, without it you will go nuts.

Chris, what’s changing if you don’t mind sharing?
My job, my life… everything. I have been going through a voyage of self-discovery for the past year or so.

What sparked it off?
It was an old friendship that ended. I realize I depended so much on that friendship.

Can it be fixed or is it time to let it go?
I am trying to let it go, it’s a process. Some days are good some are not so good. Mostly good. There is too much open-ended at the moment.

If your friend reads this, what would you want to tell them?
I hope you are happy and getting everything you want out of life.


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