Pens and Pencils

Lee Van Der Vindt – I took my pencil and started drawing

In my first year of High School (Grade 8), I started developing this character and continued over the years creating the image he is today. It started with an unwanted nickname, this character was spawned to change the minds of those who labelled me Rabbit.

Rabbit was a nickname given to me in primary school due to my growing buck teeth and big ears. I did not like it at all. I disliked the name so much, when I decided I had enough, I took my pencil and started drawing what I thought represents my nickname through a fictional character and there an idea was born. Rabbit is a cold and serious protagonist, a very talented killing machine. Rabbit is a ‘failed experiment’ that escaped from captivity at a young age. Rabbit joins a house of unique creatures similar to his abnormality called the F.A.R.M. In a fictional world filled with crazy events, the F.A.R.M seems to be a team standing up against those threatening their town.

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