Frank from Observatory

I am an independent illustrator.
I create children’s books, comic books, storyboards and occasionally give drawing lessons in my living room.

I started something the beginning of January called Lucid Screaming. The movement seeks to unite local illustrators with local writers. I went about that by getting some artist friends to send me work. They now each have an album on the page. After that, I made an open call to writers who wish to have their fictional or non-fictional work converted into a graphic novel. So what happens is that they would submit written work. The illustrators will go through the stories and see which ones speak to them. We give them two months to work on it and then we host an exhibition.

I am currently doing a second graphic novel. The first one is called Hoodsprung.

Tell me about your creative process?
Well, the thing is, I don’t know if there is a process anymore. As a freelancer working from home, I know I have to get up and do what I have to go. I guess if there is a process we would be starting conceptually with the imagery or emotions a project invokes in me. From there I would start brainstorming and sketching, that would be the hardest part.

Elizabeth Gilbert did a Ted Talk on creativity and speaks about creativity as a force outside of oneself. Your thoughts?
Most definitely. As an artist, well I can’t speak for everyone I can only say as I see it. There is some spiritual aspect where we are ourselves acting almost as mediums. I am an extension of my paint brush. The concept that I am just the tool. It’s almost like we are messengers like visual postmen. Communication is ultimately what I am doing. Mirror, discuss, brand, provoke and entertain.




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