Eric – The role of a journalist

The Sunday Times (SA newspaper) ran a front-page article which was clearly bias.

What is the role of a journalist?
The role of the journalist is to inform the people about what is happening in the world, the city and the country.

Should they be held responsible when their bias incites violence?
I don’t think so, because they are just reporting the news.

And if they are picking sides?
A journalist doesn’t have a side. No matter what is going on they are not there to pick sides.

When they are picking sides, Is it fair that our media is allowed to act so irresponsibly?
When they are picking sides it is not fair.

I am all for freedom of speech, but where is the line?
That is such a tough question for me. Everyone should be free to speak. What can I say? It is up to us to choose whether not to believe what we are reading.

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