Bricks and Sticks

Dylan Culhane – DC Photo/Graphic

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dylan rather recently and asked him about his art.
The photography that I do, is for the most part quite experimental. Photography is an extremely well explored field. Everyone is a photographer to some degree now. I really push myself to do something different and fun, it is what keeps me going. Most of the time I work with multiple exposure. It’s all about superimposing two, three, four or five different viewpoints of reality. Which is actually how we experience the world. I am sitting across from you Sandy, we are having a discussion. I am not looking at you through a three by four ratio frame focused only on your face and everything else is out of focus. I am talking to you, I can hear people behind me, I can see out onto the street, I can smell things, I can see across the road…

I am absorbing it all at the same time, we all are. I think that is actually how we experience reality. Not in this sort of tunnel vision way. The work I do, even though it seems arty and abstract is really reinforcing a varied idea between Buddhism and Quantum Physics, it’s like this idea that reality isn’t a single dimension thing. There are multiple levels upon us at all times. The other thing is to encourage people to see the world differently. To some degree my work is consequentially South African. Being a South African has produced this way of seeing the world because we live, to use a cliche, in the melting pot. Where there are multiple languages and realities that are all valid all of the time, at the same time. We have 11 languages, it is not like they are ranked in order, they are all equally important. So I do this mash where a new language is formed visually. As a South African I really see the world as this composite idea, very fluid, very intermingled. Rather than this fixed reality.


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