Deryn – A traveller going where the wind blows her

Clearly, you have the soul of an adventurer. Tell me about something or someone that has stuck with you from your travels?
I would say that one of my most memorable and impactful travelling experiences, so far has been in Thailand in a city called Chiang Mai. I was on the hunt for a belt. I knew what kind of belt I wanted and I hadn’t found it until I walked into this leather shop on one of the main roads of Chiang Mai and met this leather smith. He was this Thai, hippy, open-hearted, magnificent human being. I had never before experienced that kind of hospitality, warmth and openness from another person. He made me the belt that I wanted and proceeded to invite me over for dinner in the evenings. He took me to where his parents grew up in Sukhothai. He constantly invited me to do things and show me around as well as taking me to his sister’s birthday.

He showed me the most amazing amount of generosity of spirit, the likes of which I have never in my entire life experienced.

Are you still in touch?
Yes, I left Chiang Mai with a very heavy heart I didn’t want to leave such a beautiful human being. I ended up going back and spending more time with him near the end of my Asia trip. It was just a real pure, honest and generous experience, the beginning of an incredible friendship.

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