Cwenga – Department of Coffee

I work at the Department of Coffee in Khayelitsha. The Department of Coffee is a shop which was started in 2012 by the three guys that were coming from town 2.

Now there are three shops right? This was the first one?

One is on Long Street in Cape Town. The other one is in Observatory. We are trying to get a mobile and container so the next one will go to the mall in Khayelitsha.


You guys won a community award, tell me about that?
Actually, there is something we call a muffin run which means giving back to the community. We buy muffins and we go to the community crèches and give the kids muffins for free.

Tell me about the community in Khayelitsha?
The community supports the development of the Department of Coffee in Khayelitsha.

Tell me about yourself?
I was a student. I was doing grade 12 last year at Bulumko secondary school. I decided to take a gap year this year. Then as I decided to take a gap year I told myself I don’t want to stay at home and do nothing. Then I heard about NGO’s. I started to volunteer at AVA. It’s in Claremont. They take young people and split them into different NGO’s. We started tutoring the students in Makhaza at Harry Gwala high school and Masiphumelele primary.

Now I decided to come to Khayelitsha and get some experience in becoming a barrister. My career won’t be to become a barrister but to become a paramedic. I am looking to go back to school next year.


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