Andrew – The role of a journalist

The Sunday Times (SA newspaper) ran a front-page article which was clearly bias.

What is the role of a journalist?
To bring information to the masses, it’s a mouthpiece of the voiceless.

Should they be held responsible when their bias incites violence?
Yah of course, if they incite violence. We need responsible journalism.

Is it fair that our media is allowed to act so irresponsibly?
That’s not fair, an innocent citizen suffers on the ground. What happens, later on, is bloodshed someone will be on the wrong side of the law.

I am all for freedom of speech, but where is the line?
Okay, that’s very good. Freedom of speech is something we need. But we have to observe limits or violence is incited. Every individual has got his or her own rights, for example, if I cross into your personal life you have your rights to privacy and dignity.

Anything else to do?
Yes, reporters have got the right to write whatever they want within the constitution but at the same time, they have to keep in mind that every individual has rights within the same constitution which need to be protected.

Facts are no longer of importance, it seems opinion clouds. Keep opinion for opinion pieces. Report fairly.

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