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Achmat Hassiem – The IPC world championship

Is there a story behind anything you are wearing?
So the t-shirt is a IPC world championship t-shirt. On the last day of the IPC world championships which was in 2010. I remember running down after my race,  I wanted to get down to the medal presentation. I had on my South African t-shirt. One of the officials stopped me and asked me if they could trade t-shirts with me, which we did. I climbed onto the podium with no t-shirt, I didn’t have time before I climbed the podium for my medal to put on his t-shirt.

My shorts, because I am sponsored by Adidas I have a lot of their clothing. My shoes you will always see if you do see me around, they are always bright. I love neon coloured, bright shoes.

What is the most interesting thing you have done while wearing your neon shoes? Oh shit, I never asked you about meeting Obama in our other interview. Okay, the question has made its way into this one.  Did you meet him in these shoes?
No, I didn’t, I met him in another pair.

What was it like meeting Obama?
He is an absolutely amazing guy. I met him at the UN Embassy when we did a shark conservation thing. All I can say is that he is such a great guy.

Anything else?
Underwear from Edgars. Underwear from all over the world. I am just a kid at heart.





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