Living outside – Viron and Johnny (Bread for Life)

Bread for Life feeds over 400 homeless people, living on the streets of Cape Town, weekly. It is run as a Christian Church but welcomes volunteers of all faiths and denominations.

Our Living Outside exhibition was made possible because of the help of Bread for Life.

Johnny – We didn’t start Bread For Life. I was looking for a place to serve the homeless and my friend Jan recommended that I check it out. It had been running for 6 months at that point. When the Pastor left, Jan and I started pastoring. Jan then left and I continued pastoring. It has been running for close to 10 years now.

I would like to thank God. He says he will provide all I need and He has. I would also like to thank all the volunteers both in the kitchen as well as those who are involved in the prayer and intercession of the Church – that give up their time to serve the less privileged.

Viron – I just pitched up to help just like everyone else.



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