Vincent – Writer

I was born in Soweto in 1970.

You were telling me that you met Madiba.
He shocked me, he came up to me and said, “So you are Vincent.” He was such a humble man.

What was your impression of him?
He was just so wise, I was overseas when he passed away. I feel like crying now talking about it. I was overseas, I was thinking I should of come back.

What made you leave the country, you have been living overseas for sometime now?

You have written four books?
First one was “Africa Must Unite” the second one was “The United Countries of Africa Now” the third one “The Adventures Of An African Dealer” and the fourth one is a book of quotations. People should be inspired and know that they can get to wherever they want to be.

What is your wish for South Africa?
I don’t want anyone to have sufferings of any sorts. Children should not be living on the streets, they should not be crying for anything.

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