Tays from Cape Town

I love the hat.
I have been looking for it for a long time. It is hatted by “Rubin and Son” in P.E. I wear it for the way it looks, but I also don’t have hair so it’s protection against the elements. I walk to work every day. I love the city. I own one car, but I want to get rid of it.


One of the reasons I want to get rid of my car is this lady, I know her from my kid’s school. She walks everywhere with her kid. They are always stopping to look at things. There is a beautiful relationship between them.

The other story is of a girl who is 12. Every day she walks with her brother. The boy is always dragging behind and always eating. He is always crying. Two contrasting families. One under duress and the other so filled with love.

When you are driving you don’t see anything. When walking I see the same people, we greet each other we started forming an idea of people that we see every day.

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