Attachment Theory

Tankiso – You are who you are

Tell me a story behind something that you are wearing?
Okay, so I have this navy blue and white pin-stripe dress. My mom asked me what I wanted to do for my 21st. I thought that I could have a party, but that doesn’t last long. Or I could go to New York and that would last forever.

So I went to New York, I got this dress there. It had to be vertical pin-stripes because I can’t wear horizontal, I will look fat. It is a high-low dress. I am in love with it, it is fashionable and simple.

I have always wanted high-waisted jeans. I went to Woolworths because people always rave about their jeans. I found these and fell in love with them. I am a thick person, so they fit me right. The shoes that I am wearing are from Zara, from when I was in London visiting…

Do you mind if I cut you in for a second? You mentioned that you are a ‘thick’ person…

Yes individual, what would you tell young girls who are uncomfortable in their skin, trying to figure out their bodies?
I think for girls who are uncomfortable with their bodies or who are uncomfortable with how they feel they should know that if they are uncomfortable they can change that. This is not about being bigger or smaller. You get small girls who are uncomfortable and you get thick girls who are uncomfortable. If you are uncomfortable there is always something that you can do about it be it gym, eating healthy or whatever it may be. Never underestimate the power of you and who you are inside. When you are younger you assume that you are defined by your body, if you are skinny people will like you more or if you are bigger, people will like you less. At the end of the day, you are who you are, let you on the inside define who you are.





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