Siya – 3 years out of employment

Siya you were telling me that you have told your story many times but you are not getting any joy. Let me start from the top. We have met outside the Greenpoint Virgin Active where I found you standing with your CV written on a board. This is quite a bold move what prompted it?

I am now three years out of employment, I have been looking for a job all over the Western Cape on the internet. I am just tired of doing the same thing, being on the internet and just doing the same thing over. I decided to write my CV on this board and hand out my CV to anyone who might be able to help me. People do take my CV but very few respond. I have experience, I have a diploma in human resource management. I have twelve years working experience in the banking environment in various departments.

Why do you feel you are having such a difficult time finding a job?
It is very difficult for me, I don’t know, I am not an employer. I wouldn’t know why I am not employable. I have done everything that I could, I have been to many many interviews. I got many referrals but I still haven’t put my pen in the dotted line.

Talking to you, I can see you are still very optimistic despite your 3 years search?
You have to know people who know people, at the end I believe in that chain and that network.


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