Living Outside – Simian by Sandy L and Photography by Frank Schoenau (a First Thursday collaboration)

Simian please share with us your story? I  am meeting you at Bread For Life what brings you here?
I am here by a friend, she invited me once. I enjoyed coming that time and attending the service. I can’t stop. I started meeting other people in Church and I feel like this is my family, this is where I belong. I really appreciate what is going on here and to spread Gods word. It is something positive and food to my soul.

Where do you stay Simian?
I currently stay under the bridge in Woodstock, between the two shelters.

What happened, why are you living on the streets?
I actually kicked myself out at home because of family matters.

Does your brother know you are living on the streets?
He doesn’t know, I don’t even think he knows that I am still alive.

I was just going to ask you if he knows that you are still alive.
I remember I did call them.


Was he happy to hear from you?
I was devastated and heartbroken when he picked up the phone and was asking “Aren’t I dead” he could hear I was speaking to him.

Could it be that he was surprised to hear from you?
He invited me to visit. I wrote a letter, I think it’s time to stable my life and to face reality. To get back to basics and in order to get there I must make the change… the change must start with…

You, yes.
Yes, myself. If I want for someone else to make the change in my life it will never happen. I am ready now.

To fix things with your brother? Do you think you will be able to live back at home?

What are your plans for the future once you are back living at home?
I want for myself, I want to be a, what’s the word again, I don’t want to live for hand-outs, I want to work for myself.

What do you want to do?
I matriculated and attended college and finished my course – I studied to be a secretary but my papers and stuff they are at home. This is not the industry I actually want to be in, but because of the finance, I dare to go in that direction. I have a strong belief that with Gods strength I can live my dream.




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