Shmuel – There are people who see you, you are not alone

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I know I am hurting and a lot of other people are hurting too yet there is no reason anyone should live in pain alone.
There are people around us who can make our lives easier. They can help us over that mountain, it gets easier when we start the climb.

I am married. I told my wife the message I feel so strongly about communicating. She has been supportive, she has always believed in me. Despite all the things that I have going against me…

We all have our stuff, I don’t like that this sounds like a negative thing, the fact that you are aware makes you strong and it means that you are constantly growing, but I understand what you mean. 

…she has always been there to help me to heal, I want to help others. My message which I want to tell as many people as I know and even don’t know:

I want you to know that there is no better you than you.
Thank you for being the you that you are. You’re appreciated.
There are people who see you, you are not alone, we’re all in this together.


Need help? Get help! 




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