Savanah from Johannesburg

Savanah, you mentioned that you are almost finished studying to be a nurse and that when you are finished you want to go work for Doctors Without Borders?
Debating it.

Excuse me for asking, you are debating it, talk to me about this?
Well, the whole idea of doctors without borders is to go and help underprivileged people up in Africa with medical care. My only fear is that there are a lot of young up and coming medical students and nurses who are doing that. They are leaving South Africa, where we come from and where we live, leaving our country without resources.

They are taking their skills away from a country that needs these skills?
Yes, our own health care system is dilapidated, a lot of our good resources are going to Canada for a better life or going up to Africa for an experience.

It’s a good thing to speak about especially on Heritage day, we need to look after our people in our country. Would you like to add to that or a message you would like to share on Heritage day?
Well, basically people must go where their dreams take them, to help underprivileged people is always a gift that should be a part of our every day lives. The best thing you can do for someone is to give them your time and patience and just to realize that there are people that really need that time and patience here in South Africa where we are born, where we were brought up.



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