Attachment Theory

Ryan – My Lime Boots

Mr Lime Boots, what are you wearing that has a story?
Red is my colour. I have always enjoyed red. I have always had a red item in my cupboard. It started fifteen years ago when I went to Edgars and they had this sale on. I bought myself a pair of red Nike trainers, that nobody wanted. They were on special for like R150. I wore those for like seven years. These are the third version of the red shoes, they get worn until they are ready to get thrown away.

Bow tie?
This is the first bow tie I have ever bought. I just really wanted one. I now have a purple one, a black checkered one and so many other different coloured ones, which I wear with different outfits.

How do you go about dressing yourself? What are you thinking about? How do you throw things together?
It is hard for me to dress. Sometimes I try to plan what I am going to wear the night before when I wake up it is completely different. Today I was in an excited mood, I wanted to put on something a little bit dressier because I am with my special friend Sandy.

Thank for dressing up for me Ry.



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