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Ryan – Fashion Power Couple

 What is Fashion Power Couple?
It is a process where we show couples how to dress and how to compliment eachother. There is nothing worse than a well-dressed woman and her husband wearing rugby shorts. So what we do through our project is show people how to compliment eachother in the styles that they are wearing by celebrating their individual sense of style, not a copy and paste of eachother. Just by applying basic fashion principles to make sure you are dressing as a power couple should dress when you are out together.

Who is we?
Daniella and I. She is my collaborative partner who runs Shopology, she is a personal shopper. Together we work on Fashion Power Couple.

You have another member of your team?
We are incredibly blessed to have a very talented photographer Lebz Skywalker who does all of our photography.

What lies ahead?
Lots of collaborations, we are pushing our brand out there.

What’s trending this season?
Summer is very much Mediterranean dress down. But men’s fashion is going through a very interesting phase, very androgynous, men are finding fashion freedom so they are exploring different themes, it is a very interesting time for men who are taking those fashion boundaries and pushing them.

What do you tell men who are trying to figure out their style?
Find stuff that works for you, don’t adopt a trend you have seen unless you are comfortable if you are not comfortable you will not carry it off.


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