Bricks and Sticks

Roy Bannister – Photographer

This was taken at the Langebaan Lagoon.

What I love most about being a photographer, and in particular a photographer in South Africa, is that on any given day you can meet a diverse range of people, chat to them and capture their uniquely African spirits with your photographs. From the indigenous San people, who are believed to be one of the oldest cultures on earth, to the distinctive people from different cultures that have been brought to this country over the centuries and shaped by this beautiful land and its sometimes turbulent history. From the Dutch, English, Malay and Indians brought here by colonisation to the various indigenous African tribes like the Zulu and Xhosa, South Africa has a rich wealth of culture and peoples, all set against a backdrop that offers some of the most picturesque and breathtaking African vistas. I try to capture this distinct African spirit in my portraits.



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