Roxy and Mervin – We live by the rocks by the sea

Life is treating us well and the people here. We take it every day at a time.

How did you meet?
Roxy -Through one friend of mine. A very good friend of mine. We are close, she is also transgender like me. He was coming out of jail for three years, that’s how I met him. Its been four years now.

Mervin, do you mind me asking what you were in jail for?
Mervin- For smoking ganja.
Roxy- For stupid things.

Three years for ganja?

Roxy- Especially when they know you are here, they want to spite you. Especially like they know you are living on the streets so you got nothing for them.

Is that a normal sentence three years for smoking weed?
Roxy- Yes, some people get more than three years. It all depends how many grams of dagga you have.

Oh, did you have hash because hash comes with a harder sentence?
Mervin- I had the good grade.

I see that makes sense, the good grade would get you more time.

Roxy, Do you mind taking about being transgender?
Roxy- Its not easy, but it is something that is special and unique. You know who you are and what you want in life. You are not going to let yourself be criticized by other people.

Maybe you know who you are but to someone who feels lost or confused as they don’t understand what they are going through?
Its always better when you talk to someone about it.


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